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The Bucket Lis

5 Ways to Travel With No Regrets

I am all about stepping outside of my comfort zone and getting the most out of my life. I don’t want to get older and start to realise that I didn’t do the things that would make me most happy but then not have the…

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Why Laos is My Favourite Country

Laos is a magical place. Unlike anywhere I have ever been before Laos managed to make me feel like I was on one of the biggest adventures of my life while also making me feel like I was completely at home. I didn’t know a…

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Hey! We’re Katie & Ethan. We’re a couple of life-loving-adventure-seeking-risk-taking-world-travelling weirdos who just happened to fall in love and get married! Although we were born and bred in sunny Cairns in the Far North of Australia, we recently moved to Canada to embark on the biggest (and coldest!) adventure of our lives. Read more

Hey there!

Thanks for coming to our little home on the internet – we LOVE having friends over! We’re a pair of life-lovers from the Land Down Under and we are totally addicted to travel. We have recently relocated to beautiful Canada and we are so excited to share our life abroad with you. Welcome to our fam! 
Lots of love, Katie & Ethan x

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